Compare Gugu Guru and Gugu Concierge

Wondering if you should upgrade to Gugu Concierge? Here a helpful comparison chart:

 Feature Gugu Guru Guru Concierge
Personalized product recommendations X X
Add products from anywhere on the web X X
Unique registry URL X X
Live expert help X
In-depth product research X
Store selection X
Gift tracking X
Product link monitoring X


Chart Key

Personalized product recommendations. With Gugu Guru, parents take a fun personality-style quiz answering questions about their style, lifestyle and product preferences.  The site then fetches free, unbiased and highly personalized product recommendations. It's a great way to get ideas and jumpstart your registry but will likely still require some research and validation. The difference with the Gugu Concierge service, is that parents take the Gugu Guru quiz and are then matched with one of our professional maternity consultants, who curates the entire registry based on a parent's unique profile and then gives an hour long consultation explaining why the products were selected for that parent and what the products are for. It’s the ideal service for busy expectant & new parents who don’t want to put in the hours and hours of online research and walking the floors of big box stores to put together the best registry. 

Add products from anywhere on the web. With either your Gugu Guru or Gugu Concierge registry, you can add a product from anywhere on the web.

Live expert help. With Gugu Guru, you have the option to flag your registry for a quick review from one of our experts.  With Gugu Concierge, you'll be matched up with a registry expert selected just for you who will work with you hand-in-hand to guide you through building your perfect registry and more. All product recommendations are based on your profile.

In-depth product research. When preparing for a baby, a parent is often faced with decision fatigue. With Gugu Concierge, our professional baby planners live and breathe baby products so that our registrants don't have to. They'll do all of the digging, researching, comparing and contrasting so you can spend less of your time researching and focus on more meaningful things.

Store selection. Both Gugu Guru and Gugu Concierge are not limited to any one store.  Both the free site and Gugu Concierge recommend products from all across the web. With Gugu Concierge, a registrant is able to name specific store(s) that the Concierge should curate from. Plus, your Gugu Concierge registry will name what store the item is curated from so that those purchasing off your registry can purchase multiple items from one store if desired.

Gift tracking. With Gugu Concierge, we offer gift tracking so that registrants know where the item came from.

Product link monitoring. It's a fact of life that baby products can go out of stock or be discontinued.  With Gugu Concierge, we will monitor the links on your registry to continually ensure that all of your products are still available.  If a product is not available, we will help to find a suitable replacement.