When to Get Mom Influencer Management

May 02 2022 – Gugu Guru

When to Get Mom Influencer Management

When to Get Mom Influencer Management

Are you a mom creator with a rapidly growing following and you're interested in influencer management agencies or services?   Here are four questions to ask yourself before you start looking to engage influencer management services:

Q1: Are you sure that you want to be an influencer versus a creator? An influencer needs to have an audience whereas creators can simply create content for brands and the brands' own channels.  Growing and maintaining a high-quality and engaged audience requires effort and time.  Make sure you're up for that part of the commitment before you look into management.

Q2: Have you reached a point in your creator journey where you have more brands reaching out to you than you can handle yourself? Most influencer management agencies work on commission only, meaning they only get paid if they secure you work.  Due to that, influencer agencies have to be incredibly selective as to who they pick.  Some agencies require that you're bringing in a minimum of $6,000-$10,000/month on your own before they'll consider taking you on to represent you.

Q3: Are you absolutely sure that you can convert your audience?  These days, you can have tens of thousands - even millions - of followers just because you made one or two funny TikToks.  However, that doesn't mean that you really have any "influence" over this audience.

Q4: Do you know any information about your audience? An influencer management agency is going to want to know what kind of audience you serve, including demographics, shopping habits, etc., so they can match you with brands.  Make sure that your media kit is not just about you and that you are armed with information about your followers.

    Bottom line is that being an influencer is a great career but just like everything else it is a career that has stepping stones. 

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