The Story of Mom Creators

May 31 2022 – Gugu Guru

The Story of Mom Creators

The Story of Mom Creators

First and foremost, let me use this blog post to say welcome! The team at Gugu Guru is so incredibly grateful that you're visiting our blog today because we are guessing that you're very likely a mom who wants to become a content creator and it’s our mission to help moms like you do just that.

By way of introduction, my name is Monica and I am the founder of Gugu Guru -the premier destination of shoppable content for parents by parents, and it’s powered by mom creators. I won’t go into the full story of Gugu Guru but suffice it to say that I’ve been in the mom and baby space for a long time (over 15 years as of the date I write this post - wow!)

As I worked in the mom & baby space, I realized that there was a real problem - parents were very, very overwhelmed with how to create a baby registry, and how to shop and select products for their kids, and their growing families. A lot of times they'd ask friends, families or even a Facebook group and wound up getting MORE overwhelmed with the advice they got. This is because mom & baby products are certainly not a one size fits all kind of thing.

And then you have the brands that were really, really struggling to break through all the noise and get in front of moms at the right stage of motherhood. Lastly, there are the retailers that are still struggling to create a good shopping and personalized shopping experience for parents, because there are just so many products and it still continues to explode, especially with all the direct-to-consumer products coming out.

My thinking about how to solve these problems was the catalyst for the idea for Gugu Guru. I was inspired by like a Buzz Feed quiz, and it really was as simple as "take a quiz, talk about who you are as a mom, your lifestyle, your style, your product preferences," and then the site would give you product recommendations.

However, through the years, I always say my biggest competition was never ever retailers, or baby registry companies - it was always just other moms, because moms are powerful. I mean, moms control something like 85% of the household spending in the US, and they are the decision makers, shoppers and chief product recommenders in their homes more often than not.

And so, I realized that there was a lot of power in the mom recommendations - more power admittedly than something like Gugu Guru had as a platform. At the same time, these - let's call them "super recommender moms" - were contacting me saying, “Can I come work with you? I make all these recommendations to my friends and family and I would love to make a career out of it." I thought, “Okay, so this is my biggest competition and they want to come work with Gugu Guru. So how do I take my biggest competition and turn them into my biggest assets?" That's when I decided to pivot Gugu Guru into a way that moms could monetize their own content and product recommendations. I call it “shoppable content for moms by moms”, that’s my shorthand version of Gugu Guru. 

So, why am I qualified to talk about this? Gugu Guru's strengths over the years has always been content collaboration.  We’ve done a lot of content marketing, and that has been where we have been very, very successful, working with large creators, small creators, brands.

For example, we worked with Domino's pizza brand. I actually myself, just randomly had an idea to create a baby registry for Domino’s, because I saw that they had a wedding registry. I got in touch with them and said, let me build a baby registry for you, and we created the first Domino’s pizza baby registry. And we’ve done a lot of work with celebrities, we’ve been featured in many, many publications, from People Magazine, Us Weekly, Bravo, in terms of our collaborations with celebrities and influencers.

It’s always been about the content that we’re producing, it’s always very thematic. And I just want to be clear here, because some of the questions that I’ve gotten on Tik-Tok, are like, "Why should we listen to you? You only have few thousand followers." I’m not a Tik-Tok expert, I'm not an Instagram expert, I am not some high profile expert. I’m a mom who has made a career out of content marketing. I am not here to tell you how to do stuff on Tik-Tok, do stuff on Instagram, do stuff on YouTube.  I am a content creator and that's where I can help you.

I will wrap this post up by saying that I want to be very clear about the Mom Creators University and platform. This is about content creation, and all of the opportunities that are available now to you, that really weren’t available before. This is a completely new era, in terms of how to be a career content creator and we can't wait to share this with you.

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