Mom Content Creator University

February 05 2022 – Gugu Guru

Mom Content Creator University

Mom Content Creator University

Hey everyone - As you might know, Gugu Guru is transforming into a personalized social commerce site for parents.  Within our community, parents can learn, shop and share their favorite products. As part of this next generation of Gugu Guru, content creators in the parenting space can monetize their expertise through our platform by becoming Gugu Guides.

We believe every parent  - every mom - has expertise. Gugu Guides are trustworthy sources who have been there, done that. They share honest, authentic video reviews and recommendations for our information-hungry audience, and earn money when someone makes a purchase.   

Since we have a blog here on the shop, we thought it would be great to utilize it as an educational resource for mom creators.

Here are some of the topics that we plan to discuss in our upcoming videos (I will link them as we get them posted):

  • Backstory: Why we are creating a community of mom content creators
  • The difference between an Influencer and a Content Creator
  • Getting started as a mom creator in the creator economy
  • Why videos (and not images)?
  • Getting started with your first videos 
  • Creating videos that SELL
  • Connecting with brands
  • Getting on brands' radars for sponsorships
  • How to pick compelling content for your videos
  • Tips, tricks and hacks for mom creators
  • Finding your superpower - what is your expertise or niche?
  • How to collaborate with brands, experts and influencers
  • Getting camera ready - hacks
  • Equipment you need
  • Creating for TikTok vs Reels vs YouTube
  • Some very special interviews with content creators

Did we miss anything? Feel free to email us if we did.