How to find Your Content Niche - a Step by Step Guide

February 10 2022 – Gugu Guru

How to find Your Content Niche - a Step by Step Guide

How to find Your Content Niche - a Step by Step Guide

If you're a mom content creator wondering how to find your content niche, you're definitely approaching your content strategy in the right way. Brands in the parenting space are clamoring to find moms that fit a certain niche so finding your expertise and developing high quality content for that niche will definitely get you on the radar of brands. After all, brands - especially parenting brands - don't want to waste a cent of their marketing dollars on someone who will never be a fit for their product. An example of this? A formula brand probably does not want to reach a mom who is exclusively breast feeding.

So here's a step by step guide on how to find your content niche quickly & easily:

Step 1. Think about your interests and skills and how to combine those.

Joe Pulizzi, author of Content Inc., calls it a content "tilt" and Danielle Leslie calls it your "culture add". Bottom line is that we all have something to offer the world and we’re all experts at something in our own right. You just need to brainstorm what those things are. Maybe you already have a topic or two in mind that you’re an expert at, interested in or passionate about but if you don't (or even if you do), start listing your interests and skills and think about how to combine those. 

Still stuck on how how to find your content niche? Just look around your house, what are the products you love using? What's your daily routine?

But here's the KEY start making a list of topics not just where you’re an expert but where you have personally had success and where you can help someone achieve success as well. What are you most proud of?

Step 2. Do not go too broad - try to narrow it down (but not to the point where the audience size is 0)

If I had a nickel for every aspiring mom influencer who told me that they wanted to do a baby registry must-haves post, I'd be a millionaire a few times over.  Baby products and what works for a family are personal and very specific. In my mind actually I cannot think of a one size fits all situation for baby registry. However, "Baby Registry Must Have for Vegan Parenting" - now that's a niche.

Step 3. Go to a keyword site like Answer the Public and see what kinds of information people are looking for in your niche

Just use a couple words - maybe one or two. Going off of our example in step 2, I'd search "vegan parent" or "vegan baby" and see what comes up.  You'll definitely get some results that are not relevant ("vegan baby lettuce", anyone?) but you'll start to get an idea of what people are looking for or not looking for from those results.

Step 4: Pick a platform

Unless you're a seasoned content creator or influencer or you have a team in place helping you, in the beginning do not be a jack of all trades and master of none.  Choose the platform that you're most comfortable with or that you want to focus your efforts on - be it Instagram or Tiktok or YouTube or maybe it's a podcast. Just pick one and go for it.  After you pick one, look around for other creators in your niche or in similar niches so you can connect with each other.

Step 5: Start creating content for your niche!

Using the findings from your keyword search, just go for it. Start creating content. Don't get too crazy or anxious, just start.  I like to break it down in a series of steps for my content starting with the very first step. So for example, if you're telling someone how to get started with vegan parenting, what is the very first thing you would tell them to do? The second? Keep going.  Then once you have it all broken down in steps, go back and drill down on those steps. Here's a visual example, again using vegan parenting:


1. Favorite vegan parenting products in general

2. Favorite vegan parent influencers

3. Etc.


1. Favorite vegan parenting products:

   a. For feeding

   b. For fashion

   c. For personal care

2. Favorite vegan parent influencers:

  a. Specific vegan parent influencer shout-outs

  b. Inspirational quotes from vegan parent influencers 


Believe me, you can go down a rabbit hole with breakdown content into bite size pieces.

Now go get cracking and do these exercises on how to find your content niche.

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