How to Become a Mom Influencer in 2022

February 07 2022 – Gugu Guru

How to Become a Mom Influencer 2022

How to Become a Mom Influencer 2022

Looking how to become a mom influencer in 2022? You're not alone. With so many mothers displaced from the workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with a generation of people who are naturally entrepreneurial, trying to be a mom influencer seems like a great option - especially for moms that want the flexibility of staying at home and creating their own schedules.

However, when aspiring influencers ask the team at Gugu Guru how to become a mom influencer in 2022 - our answer might surprise you. Our position is that you should actually focus instead on becoming a mom content creator - content creators are the next business moguls of our time. 

So why do we suggest going the route of content creator vs influencer? First, it might help to explain what the difference between an influencer and content creator is.  Digital creator and content expert, JT Barnett sums it up best when he  says that the distinguishing factor is that influencers have an audience, whereas content creators don't necessarily have to have an audience or following at all. 

And audience is the KEY reason why we are encouraging moms to spend time learning how to build on their content skills instead of researching how to become a mom influencer in 2022. With all of the social commerce tools (and we'll talk about social commerce and what that is in an upcoming post) available now, you just don't need to spend time building an audience. In fact, the opportunity to make money as a content creator is much more immediate than that of an influencer.  Don't get us wrong - there is a lot of value in having your own audience too - but having great content is key to growing your audience, so definitely start there.

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