How to Find Content Ideas for Mom Creators

February 28 2022 – Gugu Guru

How to Find Content Ideas for Mom Creators

How to Find Content Ideas for Mom Creators

Looking on how to find content ideas and inspiration? First off, before we cover the how - where do you find inspiration? Identifying sources is the first step of creating and coming up with your content ideas. There are all sorts of ways that you can find inspiration.

Here are my main sources:

  • The calendar year: national “days”, holidays, events
  • Social causes, news events
  • Social Media (hashtags, memes, etc.)
  • Google Search Trends
  • Pinterest Trends
  • Cassandra Report

Calendar Year

There is no shortage these days of national days. You can find holidays like National Apple Pie eating day. You can find all sorts of national days that you can leverage - especially as a mom creator. From National Nutrition Month to Safe Sleep month and more. There are holidays that fall naturally on the calendar, and there are also events, such as the Olympics or perhaps local events, like a Fall Festival, that you can look at, for inspiration.

Social Movements, Causes and News Events

There are lots of social causes out there that might align with your brand in some way and that need your support. And there are also current news events that you can draw from.

Social Media

Going on social media is a fantastic source of inspiration. Think of hashtags like #MotivationMonday, or #TacoTuesday. Those types of hashtags have personally given me inspiration. Of course, there are memes (think: Bernie Sanders at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration) and generally the cultural things that people are talking about on social media that can all really spark some good ideas.

How to find content ideas

Trend Reports

There are also trend resources like Google Search trends, and Pinterest trends. There’s an annual report that Pinterest releases each year but the Pinterest website itself is a fantastic place to find inspiration. Both Pinterest and Google Search trend give ideas in terms of what people are searching and can inspire ideas in terms of how your brand or business can connect. Another top notch resource is the Cassandra Report but this is specific to millennial and Gen Y trends.

Pro Tip: Simply Look Around And one of my pro tips here is, to get inspiration for collaboration, simply look around. For example, I am a step mom to two twenty something year olds. My stepdaughters are the age of my company’s target audience. I’m constantly looking at them in terms of what they’re reading, what they’re talking about, what they’re posting on social media, the TikTok dances that they’re doing, to give me some ideas in terms of things that might resonate with my core audience.