3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Mom Creator

February 08 2022 – Gugu Guru

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Mom Creator

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Mom Creator

Are you a mom looking to monetize your expertise but don’t want to spend a lifetime growing a social media following, launching a blog or thinking of ideas to post? Consider becoming a mom creator.

With the rise of social commerce there are a number of ways that you can start monetizing your interests, expertise and/or passions without all the heavy lifting.

Three simple steps to getting started quickly:

1. It really helps to have a topic in mind that you’re an expert at, interested in or passionate about. We’re all experts at something in our own right, you just need to brainstorm what that something is – maybe it’s cooking or baking, maybe it’s fashion or maybe it’s homeschooling.

PRO TIP: Start making a list of topics not just where you’re an expert but where you have personally had success and where you can help someone achieve success as well.

2. As a next step, take a look around at the types of products you’re using every day. Think about the products that are associated with the things that you love doing from step 1. What are the products you just can’t live without? What are the products you love talking about and organically recommend? What are the products that have helped you achieve success in a particular area? 3. Create an account on one or more social commerce platforms. All of these are affiliate marketing platforms that enable you to monetize your product recommendations and there are no fees to join. (Gugu Guru and Mavely also offer the benefit of brand partnership opportunities):

INDI Good for: Someone who has a variety of interests and likes to shop (you can get cash back on your purchases through the app – and with millions of products, you can find just about anything!) Link: https://get.indi.com/l53w

MAVELY Good for: Someone who has an audience on Instagram and someone who is comfortable on camera. Mavely sends emails to its audience with paid campaign opportunities from great brands in return for creating content. Link: https://www.joinmavely.com

GUGU GURU Good for: Those who want to make mom, baby & kid product recommendations. Gugu Guru also offers free products and paid opportunities from mom, baby and kid brands. Link (waitlist): https://shop.guguguru.com/pages/gugu-guide-sign-up

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